Campbell’s Scoop

Tom Bennett and I, along with the regular editors (Eric Barendt, Rachael Craufurd Smith and Tom Gibbons) have put together a special issue of the Journal of Media Law (volume 7, issue 2) arising out of the workshop we hosted at Newcastle Law School on the Campbell Legacy and broader issues of privacy law in the UK and Commonwealth. The original… Read More »

Coming Soon

On the Routledge website, a first announcement of my forthcoming (i.e. still being written) book, Medium Law (to be published late in 2016). While I am not expecting George RR Martin levels of encouragement to finish it, it is equal parts nice and intimidating to start a new year with an ISBN…

After the Coalition

Last March, I wrote a blog post (itself based on a speech given at the launch of the new Information Law & Policy Centre at the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies) on what happened in the field of IT law over the five years of the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition government in the UK. An extended… Read More »

It’s not easy being green

The UK Government’s ‘Fulfilling Our Potential’ green paper on higher education (subtitle: “Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice”) was published today (not yet on official site, but PDF here). Of course, there is excellent coverage in places such as the Times Higher and WonkHE. Here are some initial impressions on my part (breakfast reading,… Read More »

Why do you do?

Why Do We Do What We Do? Comparing Legal Methods in Five Law Schools Through Survey Evidence Here’s a chapter by Mathias Siems (web | blog | twitter) (and me!) on legal research methods. It follows on from our 2012 piece ‘Mapping Legal Research‘, and will appear in a forthcoming edited collection. The companion website… Read More »