Attack of the clones

Note to my dearest Lexferendans:

My host tells me that this site seems to have been the subject of two DDOS attacks over the last 24 hours. I’m travelling at the moment so don’t panic if you are (temporarily) locked out – we will get things up and running again. Funny, this never happened when I posted about coffee and cheap travel … the world is full of surprises, it seems.

5 Replies to “Attack of the clones”

  1. Conventional DDOS attacks, or comment-related ones? If comment-related, turning off comments until it blows over might be a (not ideal) solution.

    Was your host able to give you any information about the source? This sort of thing is entirely unacceptable.

  2. Thanks, folks. Not sure yet – it’s being worked on by a friend who is my host, a techie who I trust with everything! We will see what turns up.

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