Ten Dirty Words

Welcome back to my blog – happily polluting the blogosphere since 2006, but just one element of my forthcoming blook. Today I spent some time with my social networking, and debating whether to set up a vlog – but I’d prefer something that was more in tune with the folksonomy trend, know what I mean? I think a webinar about netiquette would be a good compromise – with a follow-up wiki. That’s the way the cookie crumbles (sorry). Byebye!

(Most Annoying Web Words Revealed)

3 Replies to “Ten Dirty Words”

  1. Fergus – I was thinking after I had written it that it would have been funnier to do it as a Web 2.0 Business Plan indeed…

  2. Paradigm shifts are few, marking speak and new collateral for bulls*!t bingo is plentiful. If more people understood the basics of the Internet and what can and cannot logically happen they may realise pretty soon that working from a lowest common denominator base is sometimes most preferable.

    I await the Web 2.0 bust with baited breath. It means nothing, ergo is nothing.

    When people need to learn I ask then to watch this movie: http://www.warriorsofthe.net/cgi-bin/download.pl/warriors-700-VBR?

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